Introducing the latest collection of crystals

June 2010| 1,379 views

Priyanthi Fernando

Priyanthi Fernando

An array of crystalware will be on display when Priyanthi Fernando presents her collection of crystals. In launching her new collection, Priyanthi will host ‘An evening with Crystals’, on July 11, 2010. The event, which features a sale, will be held at Crystals located at 22 Thurstan Road, Colombo 7.

Crystal pieces will be showcased to the customers, corporate clients and crystal collectors.

Priyanthi, fondly known as Preethi among many, has for over a decade presented to her customers some of the best crystals from around the world at her boutique Crystals.

Crystals, houses a range of brand names and crystals from around the world such as Edinburgh Crystals from Scotland, Swarovski Crystals, Bohemian Crystals from the Czech Republic and a selection of Italian crystals.

Among the products found within the store is a Swarovski chessboard, candle stands of various shapes and sizes as well as a range of designed dishes, water tumblers, unusual glasses, chandeliers, decanters, trophies and sets of wine glasses, ranging from the smallest liqueur glass to the large champagne glasses. Adding to this is a vast selection of ornaments and Swarovski animals, which are ideal to be given as gifts to loved ones, or to simply decorate your homes. The items come in different shapes and colours.

All these items are available in limited collections, says Priyanthi, adding that every piece is different. Crystals are rare, therefore is of high value, says Priyanthi. “The best way to identify crystals is by its weight, fine cut and sound,” she goes on to say explaining what a crystal collector would often look for. A crystal glass or lead crystal, for example, is relatively heavier when compared to a usual glass due to the glass being treated with lead oxide. The glass is hand-cut or machine-cut to make facets, which results in the glass having a higher refraction index and produces a sparkling effect. A sharp ringing tone is generated when you rap on such a glass, while, if it falls on the ground, pieces of crystal are scattered everywhere.

“With time, the value of crystals increases,” adds Priyanthi.

A Swarovski chessboard