Preserving heritage for tomorrow

June 2010| 126 views

Sri Lanka Telecom embarked on Sinharaja awareness programmes in the year 2006, with the aim of raising awareness and educating the younger generations on the importance of nature conservation and preserving the rich natural heritage of Sri Lanka. This is carried out under one of SLT’s main corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives, “Preserving heritage for tomorrow” whereby each month, 20 students and teachers are taken on a three-day workshop to the Sinharaja Rainforest.

Participants for the programme are selected from schools across the country, irrespective of their location, stream of education, community etc. The workshops are designed to equip them with in-depth knowledge and unique hands-on experience on the importance and practical aspects of nature conservation. Students also get exposed to other skills such as the art of bird watching, mountain climbing and trekking as well as photography. Students are given the opportunity to conduct their own research, analyse their findings and submit a report, which helps to inculcate creativity and imagination in them whilst also imparting important skills in research, administration and documentation, time management as well as team working skills.

Students are provided with the necessary transport, accommodation and food as well as all the required material such as resource books, a set of guide books, binoculars, small hand held microscopes and other necessary equipment including caps and T-shirts.