Environmental Wisdom Cards from Cinnamon Grand

July 2010| 172 views

Commemorating World Environment Day, Cinnamon Grand launched a novel environmental awareness initiative called ‘Environmental Wisdom Cards’.

Honouring and promoting environmental wisdom passed down through the ages, the images on the cards are based on the 200 year old Nuga (Banyan) tree at ‘Nuga Gama’, which has seen many changes in the city’s landscape, but still retains its inherent majesty. The quotes expressed in the cards are by eminent world figures dating as far back as the 1700s such as from Albert Einstein, William Wordsworth, and Arahat Mahinda – the Indian Buddhist monk who brought Buddhism to Sri Lanka – whom have all offered the world environmental wisdom that has had a lasting impact to date.

“The Environmental Wisdom Cards will bring guests a novel way to purchase a useful and attractive product, while also doing their part to promote and share these words of wisdom,” said General Manager, Rohan Karr.

Presented in an elegant box that contains twelve Environmental Wisdom Cards and envelopes, the cards, envelopes and box are all printed on recycled paper in keeping with the nature of the initiative. The proceeds from the sale of these cards will be directed towards an environmental charity.

“We are very conscious of the role we must play in being a model corporate citizen. This initiative therefore takes this environmental conscience that much further,” said Public Relations Manager Tharika Goonathilake.