Soulful Silver

July 2010| 526 views

When Fahemida, Gemmologist and Director of Ridhi Silver Studio, was asked about what gave Ridhi its originality as a purely silver jewellery boutique, “something new, something old, it’s silver in my soul…” was her spontaneous response.

Words Sonali Kadurugamuwa Photographs Hiranya Malwatta

Ridhi began 18 years ago with a collection of gold jewellery and gems. However, the hearts of both Fahemida and her daughter Zainab were always set in silver and they realised that following their hearts was the right way to go. Although they were involved in gold, “my daughter and I both enjoy wearing silver all the time…” she says, amused at what she thought was an obvious sentiment, but didn’t quite strike her until the latter years of production.

They began business in silver jewellery with their very own designs while having independent, traditional crafts-men alongside to bring those designs to life. Craftsmen have been coming to them for years even with their original designs and have been trained to work on collections that are true to Ridhi. However, this is a dying skill, for traditional craftsmen cannot afford to do it anymore. Therefore, much encouragement has been given to carry on with what they do best, and Ridhi’s uniqueness in style ensures that the keepers of this art stay in their trade, solely for the store.

The gems used in the jewellery, range from semi-precious for the ready-mades, to precious for the customised, as per client requests. With speciality collections for both men and women, Ridhi boasts distinctively fashioned talismans or surayas, hand-crafted chains, necklaces and even the ever charismatic gypsy earrings, which are all uniquely their own. Designs for corporate gift items such as plates, paper knives and paperweights are also a part of the store’s collection. Speaking about Ridhi’s new line of jewellery yet to be unveiled, she describes that they “will have larger gems” as people have been requesting for them.

In celebration of their 18th anniversary all items will be on discount from 5% to 20%, including a raffle draw during the special occasion. So why not drop in and discover for yourself, a jewell-ery store so passionate in their endeavour.

Ridhi Silver Studio, 74 Lauries Road, Colombo 4. Tel: (+94 11) 259 8471