Cake Cards from Cinnamon Grand

September 2010| 161 views


A novel way to express your feelings, be it a birthday, anniversary, christening or any other occasion. Cinnamon Grand’s Cake Cards give you an opportunity to do so through an elegant gesture and show a loved one how much you really care.

According to Pastry Chef Niranjan, the age-old tradition of gift giving has evolved into a novel gesture, in a most affordable package. The cake card is made entirely out of creamy, delicious cake and each one weighs 250 grams and measures 11 cm by 17.5 cm. Furthermore, each cake card comes sealed in a stylish envelope and included in the envelope is a crafted box which boasts a dedicated space for a personalised note.

Featuring different handmade images evoking expressions for any occasion or celebration from a simple thank you to a graduation card, now no matter the occasion, customers will have an exhaustive selection of Cake Cards to choose from.