Debut Sinhala original from KNH Project

September 2010| 249 views


The KNH trio, Kapila, Naushad and Harith are releasing their first Sinhala original and video titled “ Heta Elivena Thuru Nata,” after a lapse of one year from their debut single “Dollar Boy.” The song is produced by Iraj Weeraratne and the lyrics are done by Wasantha Dukgannarala.

A lighthearted tune about the partying in Sri Lanka with the long found freedom after 30 years of conflicts, the video is all about the beautiful beaches, water sports and of course about endless partying with the chorus of the tune talking about the beautiful coastal areas of the Island.

The KNH Project was the first set of DJs to do proper remixes in studios in Sri Lanka and their deejay- ing acts were the talk of the town during their ac- tive deejaying days in the nineties. They have raised the bar in the DJ circuit of Sri Lanka by producing own songs and videos.

There are many more upcoming projects from the KNH trio, Kapila, Naushad and Harith in the near future, with more Mega Event ideas up their sleeves.