First copies of Dalada Maligawa presented to the President

September 2010| 126 views

The first copies of the two volumes of the books on the Dalada Maligawa – The Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic, written by late professor Anuradha Seneviratna were presented to President Mahinda Rajapaksa by Vijitha Yapa, Chairman of Vijitha Yapa Publications.

The President noted that he was pleased that Vijitha Yapa Publications has undertaken to print the illustrated editions of Professor Anuradha Seneviratna’s works, not only of the Dalada Maligawa but also of the The Kandy Esala Perahera, Dambulla and Gateway to Kandy, with beautiful colour photographs. He said this will be of tremendous use to not only Sri Lankans but also foreigners to understand and appreciate our history and culture, and that he would present copies to visiting state dignitaries and also take copies of the books with him overseas on his official visits.

Professor Anuradha Sene- viratna’s sons, Udayana and Sindhu were also present at the occasion as well as Directors, Lalana Yapa and Peshan Yapa and the Editor of the publication Siri Almeida.

Copies were also offered to the Sacred Tooth Relic, and presented to the Maha- nayake of Asgiriya Chapter and the Anunayaka of the Malwatte Chapter, and to the Diyawadana Nilame, just prior to the commence- ment of the Perahera.

The Sacred Tooth Relic has played a major role in the political, social and religious life in the past, and it will continue to play the same vital role in the days ahead. There- fore these books are an important contribution to the knowledge of scholars of architecture, history, religion and the culture of Sri Lanka. Prof Anuradha Seneviratna, a researcher, read through the galley proofs just prior to his death last year.

Volume one deals with the history and architec- ture of the temples which housed the Sacred Tooth Relic in various parts of the Island. Volume two deals with rituals, customs and ceremonies associated with the Sacred Tooth Relic and the Temple from historical times, which still continue to be performed to this day.