Okonomiyaki at Nihonbashi

September 2010| 202 views

The perfect combination of a pizza and a savoury pancake is now available at Nihonbashi restaurants in Colombo. Okonomiyaki is a popular teppanyaki (iron griddle) dish at Nihonbashi, also known as a kind of Japanese-styled pancake or pizza containing a variety of ingredients. Hailing from the Kansai region in Japan, it is healthy, filled with cabbage and seafood, and carries a distinct flavour of its own.

As the name indicates (okonomi meaning, ‘as you like it’), you can add your favourite ingredients in the okonomiyaki. At Nihonbashi, prawns, cuttlefish and other veg- etables are added to the batter and cabbage and topped with a mixture of mayonnaise, their special okonomiyaki sauce and very thin bonito shavings.