Second cycle of Geoffrey Bawa Awards for Architecture

September 2010| 258 views

The aim of the Geoffrey Bawa Awards for Architecture held once in three years is both to foster the production of good architecture and to encourage its wider appreciation in the community. The inaugural cycle took place in 2007 and was a resounding success.

“The most striking thing about the entries for the Geoffrey Bawa Award was the originality, distinctiveness and general high quality of the design that they collectively displayed. We saw in the entries a varied and multifaceted Sri Lankan tradition that surely occupies a significant place on contemporary Asian architecture. The Bawa Award should set marks and standards that will help to maintain and configure this creative dynamic”, said Professor Seneka Bandaranayake, one of the judges.

The award will be a sum of one million rupees and the winner chosen from the shortlist of ten will be announced in May 2011 with the winner an- nounced at a gala event held on July 23, 2011 Geof- frey Bawa’s 92nd birth anniversary, where the renowned author Michael Ondaatje will be making the keynote address.

Applications are called from contenders on the prescribed forms available at the offices of the Geof- frey Bawa Trust; which are available on weekdays from 9am to 5pm. Docu- ments should be submit- ted by November 15, 2010.

The trustees during the initial press briefing regarding the Geoffrey Bawa Awards for Archi- tecture made a special note on the availability of sponsorships for the Awards and welcomed interested parties to approach them on this matter.