Success for Galadari bartender

September 2010| 125 views


Tyrone McMilan joined Galadari Hotel on September 2009 as a Trainee Bartender. From the outset, he was very keen on learning the tricks of the trade of bartending.

Brimming with enthusiasm and curiosity, McMilan took a personal interest in mixology, entertainment behind the bar and specially creating innovative cocktails.

After being with the hotel for just five months, McMilan took part in the ‘Chef’s Guild Arrack Cocktail Competition’. On his second attempt in a cocktail competition McMilan created a winning blend, which he named “Cinvo Cresba”. The cocktail includes cinnamon powder, vodka Smirnoff, cream, strawberry juice and banana liqueur.

The cocktail’s unique name in itself, creates intrigue and a need in the minds of customers to find out what “Cinvo Cresba” is all about.

With the perfection of work flair, elegance, entertainment, choice of music and the unique taste of “Cinvo Cresba”, McMilan was able to nab his first Spice Smirnoff Cocktail Trophy.