Up, Up and Away

September 2010| 936 views

Words Madhushala Senaratne Photographs Mahesh Prasantha

As we rounded the corner leading towards the house of the kite maker, we came across an open paddy field. My eyes darted over to the two young boys, battling with the wind to lift their kite up into the air. They failed a few times, yet, succeeded in the end, and as their kite flew up, up and away, I, along with them, craned my neck to map its route…

There is a distinct joy that flying a kite brings. Whether it is simply watching it drift freely in the air miles above you, running with it as it is gently raised over the ground or holding strongly enough to that string, you never seem too young or old to fly a kite.

Yet, ever tried making your own kite? Or, remember the times when you did make those shapes and designs and proudly watched them hover above you?

There was a tinge of excitement as we headed towards Ananda Ratnayake’s home and watched him at work. He reminded us that making a kite is quite a simple activity, however, a little practice is always needed to hone your skills and create the perfect kite. There are a few tips to keep in mind, he says. The frame needs to be sturdy, yet flexible, and the spar and the spine need to be well-balanced. For measuring, a bamboo stick can be used.

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