Cheers to Little England

October 2010| 617 views

For the most part Nuwara Eliya’s climate is definitely one to indulge in, however, there is something else besides the cool refreshing atmosphere, and that is the volume of appeal experienced as clean white mists from the heavens rouse luxuriant green mountain peaks, which was just a kick-start… in this share of paradise the excess of fascinating occurrences were endless.

Words Sonali Kadurugamuwa Photographs Menaka Aravinda | Mahesh Prasantha

An exchange was made after we’d emerged from the other end of Ramboda pass (tunnel), the air was much cooler, the high rises we left behind in Colombo were swapped for rolling hills and mountain ranges, waterfalls and incessant plantations of tea, the brown fog was replaced with light drizzles from snow white mists and a ‘lifestyle’ here didn’t seem to matter at all… it was just ‘life’.

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