The Roots to Happiness

October 2010| 588 views

Thirteen years ago Rienzie Fernando, Managing Director and CEO of Roots had a bright idea. By harnessing the thriving fruit population in Sri Lanka, he thought that a juice parlour would do the country a great deal of good. He couldn’t have been any closer to the truth.

There were plenty of cool spots to get a glass of fruit juice around Colombo town; however, the question was, were they up to standard, fresh, even hygienic? Roots on the other hand had started a revolution in making natural juices that matched up to all standards including the great taste of their uninterrupted freshness.

It is well understood by many that consuming fresh fruit, up to five servings a day, has significant health benefits. At Roots the goodness of 100 percent pure fruit juices comes at reasonable prices yet is wholesome and nutrition packed. One can experience these refreshing tastes of natural drinks almost anywhere in Colombo and its outskirts, with 15 branches spread out over prominent places.

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