Airport And Aviation Services Announces BIA Shopping Festival

December 2010| 265 views

(L-R) Nalaka Godahewa, Chairman, Sri Lanka Tourism, Nimesh Udeshi, Managing Director, Siedles, Prasanna J Wickramasuriya, Chairman, AASL, Malraj B Kiriella, Acting Managing Director, Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, Kamal Ratwatte, Deputy Chairman, AASL, Geeth Karunarathne, Head of Commercial Properties, AASL

Airport and Aviation Services (Sri Lanka) (AASL) announced the mega seasonal promotion titled “The BIA Shopping Festival.” Commenting on the promotion, Prasanna J Wickramasuriya, Chairman, ASSL stated, “After almost three decades of turmoil in our country, peace prevails in a renewed Sri Lanka and we feel that contributing to this sense of euphoria is mandatory on our part.”

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