‘Dankotuwa’ For Artistry In Tableware

March 2011| 2,236 views

A perfect dining experience involves much more than purely recipes that tease the taste buds; the art of presentation plays an integral role in truly achieving it. Culinary art comes in handy in such a situation, yet for that touch of elegance and sophistication, porcelain tableware through time has always been and remains the best choice of garnish. The pure perfection of the intricate patterns and colour laid on to a silky smooth and milky white surface, porcelain brings alluring artistry and adds style to any occasion; be it a humble breakfast, an evening tea or fine dinner.

Words Dinali Sugathadasa | Photographs Mahesh Prasantha

Since 1982 Dankotuwa Porcelain has been serving the local and international markets with the highest quality porcelain and designs. From singular and distinctive designer shapes, luxurious and elaborate artwork, graceful and elegant as well as the simple yet charming designs; Dankotuwa caters an extensive variety of tableware to suit each and every preference, mood and moment through their brands DANKOTUWA, ELAN and LAKLAIN.

Dankotuwa tableware is available under their own brand names – DANKOTUWA, the premium brand, ELAN, which represents designer ware and LAKLAIN, value for money – as well as co-branded products with agents or retailers and at certain times created solely on behalf of other brands. Currently it’s made available in the Island through their own showrooms and close to a 50 strong dealer network. Internationally, many of the top department stores in the world showcase Dankotuwa products including Macy’s of USA, John Lewis, and Bhs of UK, Migros of Switzerland, Isetan of Japan, Galleria Kaufhof of Germany, and Jashanmal of Dubai.“We specialize in difficult designs and complex shapes,” said Sunil Wijesinha, Chairman/Managing Director of Dankotuwa Porcelain displaying a porcelain plate trimmed in the most intricate leaf pattern work of pure platinum and gold. Dankotuwa’s very own dedicated design team creates the one-of-a-kind designs that attribute to the originality of the porcelain they produce. The variety of porcelain ware includes an array of dinner sets, tea sets and cake sets with patterns ranging from the most simple to rich and elegant, from light and softhearted to abstract designs. Sunil Wijesinha also spoke about the subtleties of the differing tastes of their clients and how they cater to each of their clienteles’ requirements; Sri Lankans, Asians, Europeans, from the Middle East and USA, “Middle Eastern clients prefer a lot of gold and richness in their tableware” he says, adding that “Europeans prefer more whiteness and purity,” while also emphasising the need to choose the styles and colours of tableware to suit each occasion.

Dankotuwa will soon introduce a new fine china product, which is a little creamier in colour than the white porcelain.

Pioneers of the 5S Management concept in Sri Lanka the efficient production floor lines of the Dankotuwa factory produces cups and plates, trays, bowls, casserole dishes and enumerable pieces of porcelain with mesmerising accuracy. Renowned for its superior quality their secret of success remains in the use of highest quality raw materials and production processes, and according to Sunil Wijesinha, Dankotuwa Porcelain is famed for being one of the most white in the world ­- a distinction of the finest porcelain.

Though the Sri Lankan market for tableware is very small with the culture of sit down meals and teas mostly a rare occasion of local life and 80 percent of the demand of Dankotuwa products coming from overseas, Dankotuwa stands strong in their mission, ‘to redefine the art of dining,’ while bringing pride to the nation embodying excellence in each and every creation.

Dankotuwa Porcelain
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Tips to recognise quality porcelain

Good porcelain has a smooth surface without an “orange peel” effect.
Good porcelain is translucent; when held up to light, it allows light to pass through.
Quality porcelain is not fragile; it does not scratch or shatter easily.
The whiter the porcelain, the better the quality.
Superiority of a porcelain product can also be judged by the fineness of its print.