A Touch Of Italy And France At Clancy’s

March 2011| 148 views


A mélange of French and Italian cuisine and much more await guests at Clancy’s with the addition of a new restaurant to the establishment. The Clancy’s Irish Pub and Restaurant presents a combination of French and Italian dining, DJ music and beverages with a dash of Irish charm. “This is a unique place where you find the restaurant, pub, night club, music, DJs and everything rolled into one” says DJ Shane Fernandez. Chef Jean Pierre who hails from France and Chef Manath De Silva who has worked in Italy for 15 years promise to present authentic French and Italian dishes to guests at Clancy’s.

Commenting on the restaurant’s approach Chef Jean Pierre says, “Our concept is to provide French and Italian dishes using fresh and healthy products”. He adds, “Most people think healthy food is not tasty but healthy food is delicious.” Desserts at Clancy’s are Chef Jean Pierre’s specialty. He enjoys creating beautiful cakes, tarts and other delectables. Chef Jean Pierre brings his culinary experience in several countries including the USA, Hong Kong and Singapore to produce flavoursome dishes for the discerning gourmet.

Chef Manath De Silva complements the restaurant’s cuisine with Italian dishes. With the help of Salome De Silva, Chef Manath prepares a range of Italian dishes from spicy chicken pizza to the characteristic spaghetti bolognaise.

Guests at Clancy’s restaurant can enjoy any kind of music they like as they savour their lunch or dinner. “At Clancy’s we don’t stick to one kind of music. We play Retro, R&B and any other music that our guests enjoy”, says Shane Fernandez. During the Happy Hour from 6.30pm to 9.00pm guests can relish a free second round of the drink they choose to order.