Raja Bojun:Simply Sri Lankan

March 2011| 621 views


If Sri Lankan cuisine, nothing short of authentic, is what you’ve been after… then this natively spiced gastronomy is one to definitely experience.

Words Sonali Kadurugamuwa | Photographs Prabhath Chaturanga

Let your senses do all the talking as you enter through the restaurant doors into a spice-glazed fusion of native aromas. Although its buffet spread calls on your mouth to water, the setting within Raja Bojun does not go unnoticed. A man-made elephant at the entrance, banyan trees modestly placating the interior and live music, along with everything else leaves the restaurant guests at ease. By the large glass windows, watch the tides of the Indian Ocean swell and sway as you indulge in your meal.

Mobile carts with thatched roofs entertain a colouful array of uniquely Lankan food. The always-a-treat crab curry, bitter gourd salad, vibrant orange coconut sambol, lentil gravy, peppery ambul thial (a dry fish curry) in addition to the rich chicken and beef curries, the must-try locally bred vegetable dishes… a seemingly endless choice to better please those craving taste buds.

To top up the already wholesome buffet, hoppers add a crispy tot up to the traditional meal setting. Hoppers are served during lunchtime and for a grand spread even at dinner, with the newest addition being seafood hoppers – along with other tantalising items like string hoppers and kottu, while a scrumptious salad bar has the guests coming back for seconds, thirds and more.

Papaya, watermelon, pineapple and many more make up a large platter of fruit on the dessert table. Other traditional assortments include wattalapam and sago puddings along with common favourites – ice cream, cream caramel, curd and honey, custard and sparkling cubic jelly jumbles of greens, reds and yellows. For the health conscious guests, Raja Bojun serves up a sugar-free dessert table, which features the same items as on the other. With a fresh and healthy selection of food prepared and served daily, the restaurant is dedicated to preserving its foods’ originality without adding any synthetic flavourings or additives.

Raja Bojun’s bar stocks both foreign and local beverages, and has a generous selection of drinks to choose from. Open from 12 noon to 11pm, Raja Bojun invites you to come and revel in one of Sri Lanka’s most sought-after food indulgences that is a true taste of the home-grown.

Raja Bojun, Seylan Towers, 90, Galle Road, Colombo 3 |  Tel: (+94 11) 245 2657/8 | rajabojun@gmail.com | rajabojun.lk