Indulge On A Sunday Afternoon

April 2011| 142 views

Lounging on a shady deck, a chilled beverage in hand. The tranquil Beira Lake by your side, a luxurious swimming pool before you. Aromas from the scrumptious buffet spread wafting through the air. A refreshing swim first, or a bite of roast lamb? Or maybe today you’ll start with dessert? On a lazy Sunday afternoon these are the only quandaries you’ll be faced with at Cinnamon Lakeside’s 7° North – exactly the way a Sunday afternoon should be.

The Sunday Roast, a lunchtime event is a casual, laidback affair where your every need is instantly indulged. As its name suggests, the highlight of the buffet is the roast items: usually chicken or turkey with beef and lamb roasted and seasoned to perfection. Alongside the roasts are traditional accompaniments such as Yorkshire pudding, jacket potatoes and buttered or steamed vegetables.

Although there is a buffet on offer, this doesn’t mean you have to settle for whatever there is. The various action stations, where chefs whip up salads, fish and chips, platefuls of pasta and assorted desserts, allow you to choose the ingredients you want and request that they be prepared the way you like them.

At the salad station, for example, you can choose the types of lettuce, the dressing and the garnish you like and toss it yourself or ask the chef to do it for you. Some of the salads on offer include Caesar salad, Caponata and Mediterranean potatoes. The choices of dressings include traditional mayonnaise, vinaigrette, the house dressing and the cocktail dressing. Croutons and baked Parmesan are some of the garnishes you can pick from.

Tartar sauce and hot garlic sauce come with fish and chips made at another action station. At yet another one, chefs plate up various types of pasta with Neopolitana, Pesto or Bolognese sauce.

The action station for desserts, which sometimes features Caramelised Banana, offers you the opportunity to watch and take in the aromas as the sugar burns into crisp, golden caramel. If you want extra honey or a dollop of ice cream to go with that, all you have to do is ask. There are several other desserts you can choose from too, from fruit salads to mousses and flans.

But that’s just the food. A ticket to the Sunday Roast includes a day-pass to the pool. This means you can take a refreshing swim before lunch, between courses or after lunch. As there is no specified dress code at the Sunday Roast, you can throw on a bathrobe over your swimwear and slip on a pair of flip-flops whenever you want to stroll back over to the dining area.

The Sunday Roast is a great place for families with children, as they will be happily entertained in the pool with parents able to keep a watchful eye on them from the dining area. A lifeguard on duty will further guarantee the children’s safety.

The live band set up in the dining area, complements the casual ambience with their soothing strains of mainly jazz and unplugged music. The band, led by Derek, is friendly and interactive with the guests, and diners feel free to sing with the band on occasion.