Instant Information From Dial Lanka

July 2011| 142 views



Dial Lanka has launched a facility that provides callers with contact information for all types of product and service outlets in Sri Lanka. By calling 0783 999 999 from a mobile phone and communicating one’s requirements to helpful and efficient customer care executives, a caller can receive phone numbers for shops, restaurants and other service providers in Sri Lanka via SMS or E-mail within seconds. This service is free of charge and ensures authentic information. It will eliminate the hassle of remembering and saving phone numbers and enhances access to information especially when one is on the move.

By creating an instant communication link between consumers and businesses on one hand and on the other providing real time business leads, Dial Lanka is not only helping businesses in generating revenues but is also bringing about a reduction in their marketing expenses which improves their profitability.

The service has affordable investment plans customised to suit the business needs of all – small shops to large scale corporations.