The Beach House: The Best Of Both Worlds

December 2011| 290 views


The airy verandah looking out on to the spacious lawn

The Beach House in Tiranagama, Hikkaduwa is the epitome of peace, tranquillity and escape. Though surrounded by the vivacious, upbeat holiday culture of the beachside resort of Hikkaduwa, this vacation home by the ocean provides the ideal retreat for quiet contemplation, losing one’s self in a book or spending one’s entire vacation revelling in the sea.

Words Haseena Razak Photographs Indika De Silva

Situated in a spacious lawn perpetually swept by the cool sea-breeze, The Beach House is an endearing fusion of rustic charm and modern day living. 
Its simple but attractive design is typical of Sri Lankan architecture; an airy verandah and sitting area surround two comfortably furnished bedrooms and a pavilion, houses dining and living spaces. The entire premises is embraced by an aura that whispers a promise of gratifying seclusion.

Visitors to the villa will first encounter the verandah and sitting area tastefully furnished and interspersed with intriguing pieces of antiques and ornamentation. A grey cement statue of the Buddha in the verandah and a stone rendition of the God Ganesh in the lawn, further enhance the sense of harmony pervading the villa. Adding to the atmosphere are two curious looking wooden figurines standing on either side of a sofa. At the entrance to one of the rooms is an antique wooden pillar. The weathered look of the intricate carvings along the pillar only magnifies its appeal.

The two bedrooms of the villa are spacious and furnished simply yet attractively. Subtle details, like the tiny blue tiles embedded attractively into the steps leading to the rooms, the abstract paintings and the warm, brown tones of the window frames give the rooms an artistic flair, while preserving their homey feeling. With the sound of the rolling ocean waves outside, spending a night snuggled up in the crisp, white sheets of the beds must surely be deliciously restful. Each bedroom leads into its own attached bathroom, painted 
a cheerful yellow and provided with brilliantly coloured rugs. The most striking feature once again is 
the ample space within each bathroom.

Sheltered under a pavilion a few steps from the bedrooms, are the dining and living areas. The concept of simple furnishing extends to this area of the villa too. A long, solid plank resting on perpendicular slabs of wood, create a dining table flanked by wooden benches. Meals are served here by the in-house cook, whose forte is Sri Lankan cuisine, but will just as readily serve up some of the most scrumptious western dishes. If the mood strikes visitors to picnic under the palm trees in the lawn, the staff at the villa will warmly oblige. Armchairs in the living area of the pavilion provide a comfortable perch to lounge, read a book, chat with friends or gaze at the ocean. The stone floor here is refreshingly cool under bare feet.

Comfortably accommodating six people including children, The Beach House affords hours of outdoor fun for the whole family. The turquoise ocean adjoining the premises of the villa is ideal for an invigorating swim and as the waters are full of sea creatures, snorkelling proves a rewarding experience. A long walk or jog along the beach will acquaint visitors with the cheerful, laid-back culture of the countless restaurants, bars and guest houses rimming the coastline. Blending inexplicably into this modern upbeat atmosphere are several fishermen, practicing their traditional form of livelihood, by hauling in nets and throwing in fishing lines from the beach. In addition to observing life on shore, visitors to The Beach House can also go diving at the coral reef farther out at sea.

After a busy day at the beach or in the bustling town of Hikkaduwa, guests returning to The Beach House can always be sure of coming home to a quiet, peaceful refuge. Enclosed by, but at the same time removed from the exuberant holiday resort of Hikkaduwa, the best feature of The Beach House is perhaps its potential for offering the best of both worlds.

The Beach House

776, Galle Road,

Tiranagama, Hikkaduwa