Cantaloupe Aqua Villa

January 2012| 647 views


The wide open entrance

Cantaloupe Aqua Villa snuggled in the coast line of Talpe, Galle is a haven that is contemporary and modern with a subtle blend of Sri Lankan culture infused.

Words Krishani Peiris Photographs Menaka Aravinda and Prabath Chathuranga

Cantaloupe  for ‘exotic and attention to detail’ and Aqua for the ‘beautiful turquoise blue of the ocean’ that envelopes one side of the Villa, it is an excellent getaway for the ‘young at heart.’

The soft breeze and the lull of the ocean wrap around the guests, as they step into the Villa consumed with the allure it provides.The intense white background that contrasts with the dark and at times vibrant adornments, bequeaths a sense of openness that enraptures the mind, drawing attention to the modern pop art that aligns the walls depicting various cultural emblems of Sri Lanka.

The rooms divided into four categories – Aqua Aqua, Aqua Ocean View, Aqua Zen and Aqua Chic – profess an air of charm and elegance with white, black and silver colourings. This unique blend, provides the guests with a sense of tranquillity, enabling them to appreciate the time spent indoors. Aqua Aqua, the non-view rooms, provide a more budget friendly alternative, while the Aqua Ocean View rooms overlooking the Ocean bring the satisfaction of ample space amidst private lounging areas or balconies. Aqua Zen; a unique feature of the Villa, are rooms with a deck area separating the sleeping and seating areas. This permits the guests to host private entertainment sessions, with remote controlled LED lightings, rendering a magnetic ambience. Aqua Chic suites are equipped with a Jacuzzi and a myriad of other amenities, granting the guests a sense of contentment.

‘Coconut,’ the restaurant, combines Thai fusion, Sri Lankan and Western cuisines, offering tantalising dishes that can be relished while gazing at the breathtaking view of the Ocean. The seating area beyond imposes a delicious lure to lounge around in the warming sun rays.

If devoid of that temptation the guests can quench their thirst for adventure by participating in excursions arranged by the Villa. These excursions include whale watching, expeditions to Yala, the Galle Fort and many more locales. The Villa also houses an in-house spa that will convey the luxuries of a spa treatment to the room, excluding the hassle of traversing back and forth.

Cantaloupe Aqua, which transforms into a beach club, organise parties during the season. These occasions allow the guests to kick back and relax. During the other months, proving its capability of balancing both serenity and cheer, the Villa offers a peaceful sanctuary for the tranquil mind. However, conveniently located – it is easily accessible via the Air taxi service in Koggala or the newly opened highway and is never deprived of recreational activities.

Cantaloupe Aqua, is one of the first steps in embodying the ‘Cantaloupe Culture’ thus providing the best for the ‘young at heart.’

Cantaloupe Aqua | Matara Road,

Palutugaha Junction | Talpe.

(+94 91) 720 0500