Noritake: Honouring Tradition, Beauty And Elegance

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Designs bordered with platinum or gold

From the traditional and contemporary floral designs to the geometric combinations of circles and squares, ranging from plates and platters to bowls and tea sets, the old and the new combine to make every table perfect – beautiful – elegant…

Words Amali Peiris

Since its inception in Sri Lanka in 1972, Noritake Lanka Porcelain has travelled a journey of perfection and beauty. With varying shapes and sizes, each item created begins with dedicated hands guiding along the path to perfection. Each step is watched over, from the very first transformation through a rigorous path to the final shapely and colourful stages, ready to travel to many destinations.

What started with subtle shades of grey and beige have now evolved to more vibrant blues, blacks and even reds. Moulding regular white porcelain, fine china and bone china, a mix of beautiful masterpieces are created to complement each other and other elements on the table. Locally sourced material together with the artistic talents of Sri Lankans have paved the way for designs that incorporate swirls, flowers, circles and twists, bordered with platinum and gold and made to withstand everyday wear and tear.

Something to suit every occasion can be found in showrooms and retail outlets in Colombo, Wattala, Pannala and the Departure Lounge at the Bandaranaike International Airport. The ‘elegant dining’ collection provides that luxurious feel ideal for those special yet grand occasions. Bordered with platinum or gold amidst a jewel-toned effect blended with the designs, it transforms the ordinary table into an exquisite dining experience. With free flowing harmonious movements, the ‘everyday elegance’ collection brings together the feel of an eastern and western blend of patterns and designs. The use of metallic highlights and a mosaic of colours, the items bring out a calming ambiance.

Whether It’s A Formal Dinner Party Or A Casual Dinner With The Family, Something To Suit Every Occasion Can Be Found…

For a jazzed-up table with a modern and vibrant look the ‘casual dining’ collection is ideal. Contemporary designs of circles, squares and flowers bring forth a carefree yet colourful appearance to the table. More vibrancy is brought out with the exquisite ‘hand painted’ collection detailed by local artists trained in Japan, with fine brushwork of culture, birds, fish and symbols of heritage like the stilt fishermen and the Kandyan Perahera. The perfection of this collection is reflected in the intricate designs.

Noritake Lanka also offers exclusive collections for corporates and individuals alike. ‘Souvenirs’ and ‘corporate gifting’, customised for any type of function or occasion are made with the same care and precision. A special range for the hospitality industry, from large chains to individual hotels and restaurants, completes this elaborate collection. Square shaped plates and platters made with translucent white porcelain often with the name or logo of the establishment transform an ordinary table into one of class. Created to be heat and chip resistant, this collection is destined to last a lifetime.

With creations travelling across the globe, tastes and specifications vary. Sri Lanka, India and the Maldives have similar tastes and habits with requirements for dishes and platters of large size and dinner sets of large quantities. Irrespective of these changing tastes, Noritake caters to all. Elegant tableware to suit one’s style and taste, with the desired combination of plates, dishes, cups, saucers and accessories, even up to a 17-piece tea or dinner set can be mixed and matched. Every item manufactured for overseas markets is locally available with the ‘Noritake’ stamp. A ‘Goldmark’ stamp is used  for items specifically manufactured for the local region.

With an array of styles, shapes, colours and patterns to suit every generation, Noritake has perfected the art of honouring tradition, beauty and elegance.

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