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March 2012| 670 views


At the entrance of Elements, the arrangement centred around the teak framed mirror and counter make an impressive impact

Custom-made, handcrafted, enduring pieces of furniture manifesting style and sophistication have been synonymous with Raux Brothers for decades.  Now, more than 50 years after its establishment, Raux Brothers has more to offer – Elements, the brand’s latest store.

Words Haseena Razak  Photographs Prabath Chathuranga

Immediately reminding visitors of Raux Brothers’ already well-established stores, the new outlet’s ivory arches, moulding and stylised lettering exude the chic elegance that the brand is renowned for.

True to its name, the outlet specialises in ornaments, accessories and embellishments – or elements – that will enhance and transform the ambience of any room. The beautifully handcrafted products are also ideal for gifting at weddings, birthdays and house-warming parties. Elements, like Raux Brothers’ other stores, prides itself on the high quality and chic elegance of the products it houses. This is largely due to the fact that all the items are personally selected by Graham and Kalani Raux, proprietors of Raux Brothers.

True to its name, the outlet specialises in ornaments, accessories and embellishments – or elements – that will enhance and transform the ambience of any room.

At the entrance of the store, a large teak framed mirror with a counter presents some of the signature Raux Brothers accessories. Ornamental horse heads and glass vases sit atop the counter, while porcelain stools, with jet black and mirror-like finishes, fit snugly underneath. The singularity of the ornamental pieces is reflected in the unusual white-washed finish of the teak mirror frame and counter. In fact, throughout the store pieces of classic furniture have been used to complement the decorative items and inspire customers in the arrangement of their own living spaces.

In addition to enhancing the adornments placed tastefully around them, the furniture at Elements also serves to indicate the other services that Raux Brothers excel at: creating impeccable custom-made furniture, masterfully designed with high quality materials such as wood, steel, leather and fabric.

In one of the rooms, a round, white table and luxuriously upholstered armchairs create the ideal backdrop for the ornaments arranged around them. Flawlessly crafted scented candles, tea light holders, candle stands and votive holders radiate a simple yet elegant aura. Each item has been fashioned in line with the most uncommon designs. An arrangement of glass candle stands created a pleasing atmosphere. Scented candles with stainless steel lids sport miniature birds and fruits, all perfectly designed. On the wall, decorative panels hold rows of stainless steel statues of monks.

Past the gift-wrapping station, suspended above the staircase, is a steel lamp, suggestive of a delicate bird-cage. Its fine, black bars create a tasteful filter for the light enclosed within. Upstairs, several different shapes of this pendulous light feature hang above other masterfully fashioned embellishments.

Tiered servers, delightfully suggestive of bygone times, stand on tabletops. Upon closer inspection however, they reveal distinctly contemporary designs. A host of terracotta figurines smile down from their shelves, and patterns created from grooves and indentations lend character to a collection of glass jars. There is also a range of organisers and trays fashioned out of bamboo and lined with colourful fabric.

The ceramic room offers a surprise at every turn. Arranged next to the uniquely designed ice cream and frappe cups are a pile of white platters that look like palettes used by artists. In reality, these handy little ceramic objects are cocktail plates complete with niches to hold wine glasses. Ceramic toast racks cover one of the shelves, while fridge magnets resembling traditional Sri Lankan devil masks enchant customers. Brightly coloured ceramic accents add charm to the display. The variety of ceramic soap dishes and dispensers are some of the products in the Raux Brothers’ bath range.

In order to ensure the highest quality, Raux Brothers’ products have been arrayed into ‘Heritage’, ‘Outdoor’, ‘Masters’, and ‘Elements’, which make up the word ‘HOME’. ‘Heritage’ includes furniture designed based on traditions of the past. ‘Outdoor’ encompasses a variety of furniture designs created out of durable materials. The ‘Masters’ collection incorporates brand new designs inspired by Raux Brothers’ archives and the concepts of Graham and Kalani Raux. ‘Elements’ covers the ornaments and the accessories that complement the furniture.

Comprised of four establishments – the Flagship Store, Heritage Gallery, the Ideation Hub and now Elements – Raux Brothers’ stores endeavour to combine different essentials to create speciality stores. The Flagship Store, houses the entire range of HOME. The Heritage Gallery mainly contains beautiful, hand crafted furniture from the Heritage range. The Ideation Hub is the core base where ideas and designs are born, given life to and perfected. The brand new store, Elements, specialises in ornaments and accessories to enhance the Heritage, Outdoor and Masters range of furniture. Raux Brothers has also planned to open a new store, which will contain the Outdoor range.

With its signature aspects being superior quality, personal attention of the proprietors, advanced capability from the design stages through to the completion of products, proficiency in creating bespoke items, competence in the field of decorating entire indoor spaces, Raux Brothers is well on its way to achieving its vision: to be a globally renowned brand, delivering furniture and accessories to a discerning clientele.

Elements, 419, R A de Mel Mawatha,

Colombo 3 | Tel: (+94 11) 259 4177