Revel In Comfort At Jetwing Lagoon

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The enchanting pool that is 100m in length

I gazed across the expanse of the Negombo lagoon, finally letting my eyes rest upon the far border that glimmered softly in the setting sun. A slight breeze lazily swirled by providing a soothing effect as I settled more comfortably revelling in the utter serenity that encircled Jetwing Lagoon.

Words Krishani Peiris  Photographs Indika De Silva

Nestled next to the Negombo lagoon and a short drive away from the Bandaranaike International Airport, Jetwing Lagoon, the latest property opened under the Jetwing Group was originally known as the Blue Lagoon and holds the proud history of being Sri Lanka’s first resort hotel since its inception in 1965. Geoffery Bawa – the most renowned architect in Sri Lanka – was the original architect while Architect Vinod Jayasinghe, was assigned with the task of restoring and enhancing the property to fit the envisioned requisites of Jetwing. Architect Jayasinghe has added his distinct traits while retaining many of his mentor’s fine touches creating a space that exudes much novelty.

Stepping into the wide, open-spaced lobby and beyond, the first aspect that caught my eye was the massive pool, 100m in length, as its aquamarine depths slowly rippled and beckoned for a dip amidst its comforting waters. Lounge chairs tinged in brown decorated both lengths of the pool while the poolside bar offered tantalising refreshments. Moving ahead and turning to a path lit with yellow hued lights, I treaded a walkway that had a lovely pond bordering one side while the other had small abodes adorning the stretch. Ascending a few steps, I peeped into one of the abodes to behold a spacious room – one of the Bawa rooms – which offered me the first glimpse of what Jetwing Lagoon has to offer.

Hence, many that seek luxury and comfort in the midst of a place that is an epitome of serenity, will find themselves indulging in the exquisite rooms that Jetwing Lagoon has in store – the Suites, Bawa Rooms and Deluxe Rooms. 
All quarters share a perfect harmony as each room is equipped with a myriad of modern amenities and is embellished in soft hues of brown and white with dark teak furniture. However, each room differs in size as the Suites are armed with two rooms, a lounge and a large bathroom. The balcony outside offers an alluring view of the lagoon while the spacious bathroom that has a flight of dark toned stairs leading to a jacuzzi presents the perfect backdrop for the mind that seeks tranquillity. In contrast Bawa Rooms, though smaller in size hold in par as they are equipped with open air bathrooms posing an ideal cozy retreat.

Jetwing Lagoon also boasts of a scrumptious menu and the guests can enjoy a feast at the Main Restaurant or at Geoffrey’s, which specialises in Sea and Lagoon cuisines. The two restaurants overlooking the lagoon exude a soft charm that enwraps the diners in snug comfort and the walls adorned with bold paintings encircle guests in artistic splendour. Furthermore, the resort houses other luxurious gateways to pamper their guests such as a main bar, a spa, a conference hall with modern features, a gymnasium and much more. The resort also offers a host of activities that include boating excursions to places such as Muthurajawela and water sports such as water skiing for those who find pleasure in a small adventure. Protecting the environment and aiding in the efforts for environmental sustainability are equally held in much esteem by Jetwing Lagoon, as they harness solar power and LED lighting to conserve energy while the rooms are kept cool with absorption chillers powered by a plant outside the premises.

Many that seek luxury and comfort amidst a place that is an epitome of serenity, will find themselves indulging 
in Jetwing

I was indeed able to reminisce about Jetwing Lagoon’s healing arms equipped with a multitude of comforts in line with its goal of being recognised as a Wellness Resort, while my eyes followed the progress of a fisherman at the lagoon starting his day as dusk descended, trapping the resort in a celestial paradise.

Jetwing Lagoon

Pamunugama Road, Thalahena

Negombo, Sri Lanka

Tel: (+94 31) 227 7140