Spoilt for choice at Romafour

July 2012| 592 views


The vibrancy of it all captures you at once, the brilliance of a thousand stars winking at you invitingly from the accessories corner of the store once you enter the premises. Then comes the colours flaming up, reaching out to you seductively and you are left, feeling like a moth being drawn to a flame. Only this time, this flame is going to bedeck many a fashion-conscious moth from head to toe with the most fashionable of attire.

Words Jayani C Senanayake  Photographs Indika De Silva

Nine years down the line, Romafour has today become a hot spot of ultra trendy attire, bedecked with all types of elegant and exquisite gear from around the globe including a dazzling array of jewellery and clothes of every shape and material for all ages and sizes. The exclusivity of the products is perhaps the most striking feature of all as Romafour seeks to clad individuals as uniquely as possible in this small town of Colombo where everyone runs in to everybody else from all walks of life.

An astounding collection of enticing accessories of authentic and unusual designs adorns the showcases right at the front while the eye is forcefully drawn away by rows and rows of colourful and 
intricately designed kurthis, stretching all the way to the very back of the store. Thus, the first and the second floors of the store are dedicated to the fashionable fairer sex while the fourth and the fifth floors are hogged by the casual and office wear of trend observing men. 
The third floor of the store filled with its dainty garments of disarming innocence is dedicated entirely to the tinytots who grace the store frequently with their cheerful and lively chatter.

Variety precedes quantity here. Examining the rows of floral prints, lace dresses, shoes, sarees, shirts, trousers of every colour imaginable, one confirms the exclusivity of the items that are available here. 
Romafour is equipped with a team of talented designers who are constantly alert to the varying trends of the world. From the delicate and colourful attire that adorn the children’s section on the third floor to the sensuality and the allure of the beaded beauties, the embroidered entities and the lacy feminine garments of the second floor, everything is handpicked personally by these expert individuals well versed in the art of haute couture.

Romafour products speak for themselves. They boast of the highest of all qualities, the grandest of all auras and the trendiest of all vogues that has ever swept the fashionlands throughout time. Its expert team of designers ensure that no design is ever repeated as every batch of designs that come in through the Romafour doors are exquisitely rare and singularly unique as they can get. The store is quite particular about delivering the latest artifacts fresh from the global fashion arena.

The linen collection and the office wear section of Romafour is definitely worth a mention. Hoarding some of the best linen from across the globe, Romafour offers an assortment of textures in an array of patterns of the finest kind. The office wear section of the store also yields a mishmash of shoes, belts, bags, ties, cufflinks and a whole variety of garments, which with their bold lines and valiant cuts are made to suit to the most choosiest of all working persons. In addition to that, Romafour also has a section comprised of the warmest and the most comfiest of winter clothes that are designed to keep the wearer warm under any weather condition.

Romafour takes great pride in providing its customers with the latest designs that are not seen or found elsewhere. With its friendly and ever so helpful staff, Romafour caters to the fashion needs of both local and foreign clientele who are drawn in by the sheer vivacity of the products that the store has on offer. This bustling hub of fashion is eager to provide something for everyone and thus it takes great pleasure in quenching the many needs of the fashion thirsty individuals who are forever on the hunt for something new to adorn themselves.

Romafour, 71 Galle Road, Colombo 4
Tel: (+94 11) 258 0950