The Fifth Jetwing Youth Development Project At Jetwing Blue

July 2012| 185 views

The inauguration at Jetwing Blue

Jetwing Blue celebrated the inauguration of the fifth Jetwing Youth Development Project (JYDP), this time catering to 37 individuals.

Father Christopher Julius of St Anthony’s Church, Dalupotha formally opened the Jetwing Youth Development Project by invoking blessings on those gathered, and Hiran Cooray, Chairman – Jetwing, Hyacinth Gunawardene, Director/General Manager – Jetwing Blue, and Jerome Auvity, Director, Operations Jetwing Blue, Negombo addressed the gathering.

“More than just another form of education, what we are giving you today is an opportunity,” said Hiran Cooray. “The usual trend is to refuse anything given for free, but all the times we have held JYDP we have not charged a cent and the response has been tremendous. You will learn all aspects of the hospitality industry, and all of you will definitely be strong in one or more particular area. Whether it be in the Kitchen Department, or being a member of the front-line staff, we will give you what you need to succeed in life.”