Anjum Hasan Visits Sri Lanka For Maharaja Palace Opening

August 2012| 172 views


Anjum Hasan

Anjum Hasan the renowned Lucknawi chef was in Colombo for the opening of Maharaja Palace, which specializes in royal Moghul cuisine.

Famed for reviving authentic Nawabi food, Anjum Hasan, 
the MBA turned restauranteur and caterer prides on her food being authentic, refined and sophisticated reflecting true Moghul culture.

Speaking about Maharaja Palace, Anjum said, “look at the ambience, it is elegant and luxurious. But, more than anything else Maharaja Palace provides a holistic culinary experience, reflecting a truly royal feel. What sets Maharaja Palace apart is that it brings to the table the distinct, unique, sophisticated and subtle flavours of Lucknow. The kababs are soft and succulent, and they just melt in your mouth.” The brilliant white mansion and the tastefully decorated interiors reflect the grandeur of the Moghuls. As the mahogany doors opened, glamorously attired guests were treated as Maharajahs and Maharanis themselves, making 
”the Maharaja” experience is truly royal.