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Salty, sea wind swooshed across my face and crooned in my ears, as my spirit skimmed through the turquoise blue waters. Stretched on a trampoline at the spear-like front of the ceysail catamaran, i looked down at the ever-flowing blueness of the ocean and felt like a seagull in flight.

Words Chamindra Warusawitharane  Photographs Indika De Silva

Ceysail offers luxury yacht and catamaran excursions off the coast of Trincomalee and in the ‘Kalu river’ in Kalutara. In one such catamaran, we sailed the Trincomalee seas on a clear morning sprinkled with sunshine and infused with adventure. We launched the catamaran pointed to the wind from Nilaveli and headed towards Pigeon Island, soaking up the sun, the breeze and intent on savouring each and every minute aboard. Our adventure truly began as the captain worked out the mechanism to put up the sails. A lot of elbow grease later we were cruising with the sails up and ballooning with the wind. The exquisite colour of the water and the invigorating air, swept us off our feet into a different plane of immense freedom.

Noticing that we were in sync with the whole experience, the captain decided to let us have a go at steering the catamaran towards our destination. Soon, we were turning the catamaran wheel to starboard side and the portside alternately, firmly headed in the direction of Pigeon Island. Keeping a careful watch over the speed and the sea for any other vessels, we felt like true sailors and hoped for ‘fair winds and flowing seas.’

It was almost like flying and my imagination soared like a sea eagle in all its majesty

The moment we spotted a curving strip of distinct dark green amidst the infinite stretch of turquoise, we knew we had reached a reef. As the crew informed us, guests on Ceysail cruises can go snorkelling under the protective watch of the captain and the crew. The reef presented a vibrant world of a myriad of sea creatures and plants where rose pink, crimson, gleaming yellow, lustrous green and black and white stripes frolicked against the deep blue backdrop.

Aboard the catamaran was a   treasure trove of experiences worthy of revel. We gazed at the sea from a porthole in one of the spacious cabins and dangled our legs from the edge of the catamaran while holding on to the railing. Sitting on the deck in 
comfortable chairs we listened to the captain as he unravelled stories of seafaring and gave us tips on navigation and deducting nautical miles. Opening the hatch in the bottom of the catamaran, we were able to get a peek at the ocean from a different perspective. My personal favourite was lying down on the trampoline in the front part of the vessel with the wind in my face and gazing into the blue-green depth that beckoned me with endless possibilities. It was almost like flying and my imagination soared like a sea eagle in all its majesty.

Day Sea Excursion
On a day excursion, guests will be taken on the catamaran for whale and dolphin watching off the coast of Trincomalee and 
return by evening.
Breakfast is included in the package while lunch will be served on request at an extra cost.
Light snacks, soft drinks and beer are available onboard at an extra cost, but however guests are free to carry their own food and drinks.
Snorkelling gear is available onboard but guests are requested to carry their own fishing gear, if required.
Twelve pax can be accommodated.
Multi Day Sea Excursion
On a multi day charter, customised packages are offered depending on the basis of booking as well as standard packages.
Breakfast is included in the package. Light meals and soft drinks can be purchased onboard and guests can be taken ashore to a partnering hotel for lunch and dinner at their request.
Eight pax can be accommodated.
Day River Excursions
The Monohull yacht based in Kalutara is mainly for day charters and offers river excursions along the Kalu Ganga.
Six pax can be accommodated.

The wind in my face was invogorating as I watched lone seagulls soaring above the sea in search of silver fish while the turquoise expanse of the ocean gently rocked the few vessels sailing in our vicinity. Beyond the ever-flowing waters, I could see the distant Nillaveli beach dotted with miniature buildings and slender coconut trees, clumps of green and the long stretch of golden sand. These seascapes grew smaller and smaller as we drew closer to Pigeon Island leaving behind a trail of cream white foam in the waters. As we approached ‘anchorage’, the crew hurried to lower the anchor signalling the end of our excursion. As the Mole says in ‘Wind in the Willows’; “Believe me, my young friend, there is nothing, absolutely nothing half so much worth doing as simply messing about in boats”.

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