Deliverance Dialogues: A Global Message Through Art

August 2012| 321 views


One of the art installations at Dutch Hospital, Colombo Fort

The art installations took on an ethereal quality bathed in the evening light, each conveying a subtle yet stirring message. There is more to Anoma Wijewardene’s creations than meets the eye and one by one viewers were compelled to jot down their thoughts and concerns on the interactive ‘message board’.

Deliverance Dialogues completes a collection of over 60 works of art exhibited at three different locations. They were of mixed media with paintings, digital images and interactive sculpture installations designed for the separate locations under the running theme “deliverance”, dedicated to the burning issues of climate change and water.

“It’s a combination of poetry, art and science in support of sustainability,” said Anoma of 
Deliverance. And it was the first time the artist ventured into science in support of the emotional and abstract nuances of poetry and painting.  “The whole idea of this installation which is part of a three night location show, is that it is interactive and that you share your thoughts on the panel,” she added.

Deliverance Dialogues was hosted by SriLankan Airlines, the national carrier in support of Sri Lanka’s sustainable measures in line with the RIO+20 Earth Summit 2012.

“As a progressive nation we believe it is crucial to express our solidarity to the global strategy to conserve the environment. Sustainability and environment conservation is a key part of the gesture we are trying to paint and Deliverance Dialogue I believe will help complete this picture through Anoma Wijewardene’s exceptional art that inspires us to protect and sustain our island home as a paradise,” said Nishantha Wickremasinghe, Chairman, SriLankan Airlines.

The interactive art installation Deliverance Dialogues underscores the importance of water for life and sustenance. Supported by HSBC the exhibition launches the Group’s global water programme – a 100 million dollar five year partnership with the World Wildlife Fund, Water Aid and Earth Watch. “I believe it’s a very important event as we need to draw the awareness to climate change, and its effects, specifically with regard to water resources,” said Nick Nicolaou, CEO of HSBC Sri Lanka and Maldives, speaking of Deliverance Dialogues. “This is a good way for the general public to understand some of the issues, going forward and more importantly what they should do. It’s a great opportunity to be a part of the HSBC global campaign on water and how to preserve this precious resource,” he added further.

Anoma over time has expressed her concern on the negative impact on earth due to human activities showcasing her work across the globe from London, India, Dubai and Australia. She is best known for bringing to light sensitive issues that are relevant to society and the world through art. This time around she has accompanied her work, with 
insightful quotes, messages and facts on climate change in English, Sinhala and Tamil while the viewers could utilise allocated spaces or interactive panels as message boards to encourage dialogue on the many relevant issues.

The exhibition was concurrently held at Paradise Road Galleries, and Saskia Fernando Gallery.