J M Wickramarachchi And Company Opens New WICK Office In Jaffna

August 2012| 354 views

J M Wickramarachchi and company (WICK) opened their latest office in Jaffna. The facility would provide hearing aids and all other requirements for the hearing impaired people. “We will also introduce the water, rust and shock proof hearing aid to Jaffna,”said Mihira Wickaramarachchi, Chairman – WICK. He said that with the end of the war in the North and East, people wished for this offer to be introduced to Jaffna as well and this was the main reason for (WICK) to enter the North.

In addition, they would also offer designer sun glasses and provide spectacles. Hearing aids and spectacles were on offer, free of charge to several customers on the day of the opening.

This facility was declared open by Fahri Berber – Siemens Hearing Instruments, South Asia, Marketing Exports.

Iresha Asanthi De Silva, 
Sri Lankan model who was selected for world super model pagent, and famous choreographer, Brian Kerkoven also participated to the event.