Let Loose City Bonds At Corbet’s View

August 2012| 360 views


Front view of one of the spacious cottages of the Corbet’s View Lodge

Making our way along the long winding road towards the Corbet’s View, which is situated in the Knuckles mountain range was quite a treat. Tiny flowers of electric blue, shocking pink, delightful yellow and luminous orange dotted the greenery along the way and nodded their heads vivaciously, beaming a warm welcome in an otherwise cool environment.

Words Jayani C Senanayake  Photographs Menaka Aravinda and Rumesh Perera

It was as if nature had decided to adorn our way with so much vibrancy and life as we made our way to Corbet’s View, the ultimate getaway haven of those of us who yearn a break from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. From time to time we would catch a glimpse of the vast stretching valleys and the rolling hills from beyond, making us feel the immensity of the environment even more. A soft fragranced breeze that frolicked around the numerous little streams and cascades teased our senses playing with our hair, transporting us to a place where we blissfully lost ourselves in the abounding generosity of Mother Nature’s goodness.

Driving up the steep path that led to the Lodge, we were enveloped by a perfectly tuned quietude, only disturbed by the whistling wind from time to time. The downcast sky speckled with splashes of light mesmerised us and for a moment, made us forget ourselves. Corbet’s View with its two comfortable cottages, struck us as the ideal place to spend some quiet time away from the complexities of the modern world. Situated on an isolated mountain top where not even electricity lines have reached, the Lodge is located in a pristine environment.Despite the absence of electricity, the place is very much self sustained and takes great pride in its effective utilisation of solar power. The water provided at the Lodge is virginal mountain spring water as there is no connection to the main lines. At Corbet’s View you are literally one with nature.

The large cottage consists of two rooms that can accomodate up to 12 people and the smaller cottage has one large hall, which can house approximately four people. Guests are served with meals prepared using vegetables grown in the Lodge’s own garden. The food is prepared by the resident cook who excels at regional cuisine.

Sunlight streams through and gently touches the mountain tops, just enough to bless them with warmth and light. As we stood on the edge of the mountain, the hills and valleys rolled out before us like a rich, green carpet, welcoming us to the premises. As we gazed at the mountains we could see the Corbet’s Gap from where we were told that one could have a generous view of the Knuckles mountain range and beyond. Corbet’s View is situated in close proximity to the Mini World’s End in the Knuckles mountain range which integrates awe striking natural beauty as well as astounding biodiversity. The location of the Lodge itself is an epitome of biodiversity. Various birds and butterflies fluttered past us while colourful lizards dashed past from time to time, confirming this factor.

The location of the Lodge is a world of its own. The soothing atmosphere calmed our senses and made us completely oblivious to whatever duties or concerns that lay before us. The Lodge also offers various tour packages and trekking expeditions for the inquisitive to scour the mountains. However, we preferred to lie leisurely in a hammock tied between two shady trees and revel in sloth that is a luxury to the modern day working man or woman. Camping is also available at the seasonal camping site offered by the Lodge as well as at Meemure, situated in close proximity to Corbet’s View. The mist enrobed mountains promised us exquisite privacy and isolation and the purity of the air and the austere beauty of the surroundings appeased our minds and carried us away.

Standing on top of the plain on which the Lodge is located, one feels an ultimate sense of freedom, not to be felt within the jam-packed beehive of the restrained city. 
The soaring wind gives you wings as it coaxes you to experience in full the overwhelming sense of liberty that Corbet’s View along with its isolated cottages lends to its 
fortunate guests.

Corbet’s View Lodge, Knuckles

World Heritage and Wilderness Area. Tel: +94 (0)777 411 339