The Cricket Shop: One Stop Shop For All Cricket Needs

September 2012| 6,721 views

In a country where cricket is almost a religion, it is imperative that Sri Lanka has a one stop location that caters to all those burning cricket needs of its people. However, one does not have to look any further than The Cricket Shop in Colpetty for this purpose!

Words Jayani C Senanayake  Photographs Menaka Aravinda


Walking into the shop, one cannot help but be attracted by the vibrant and multi shaped cricket apparel that stand around patiently for the ardent cricket fan to come pick them up. The brightly coloured leather balls gleam at you from their beds while the numerous rows of bats and the brilliant white leg guards complement one another in perfect unison.


The Cricket Shop has been catering to both local and international cricket enthusiasts since the year 1994, extending their services to all with no exceptions. The Cricket Shop is not just a shop where one walks in to merely make purchases. At The Cricket Shop, one is also assured of free advice on how and what to choose according to one’s individual needs and desires as well as to suit individual budgets.


Safety comes first not only when it comes to cricket but to any kind of sport. For this purpose, The Cricket Shop has a range of helmets, leg guards, batting and wicket keeping gloves and other protective equipment that helps in safeguarding the players’ physique when in the field. Quality is assured when you shop at The Cricket Shop as they serve as agents to some of the leading brand names of the cricketing field; Gray Nicolls, G&M, SS, Puma, BAS, SF, RNS, CA, MRF, Albion, Masuri and Aasics to name a few.


The Cricket Shop also specialises in training equipment and therefore, it would be the perfect place to purchase the ideal training gear for both the professional and the amateur cricketer. The shop also has a junior section where children can walk in with their parents and choose everything from specialised cricket bags, stumps and autographed bats according to their needs.

The Cricket Shop Has Been Catering To Both Local And International Cricket Enthusiasts Since The Year 1994, Extending Their Services To All 

Cricket shoes and clothes are also areas in which The Cricket Shop specialises. The store caters to everyone from professional teams to school teams and clubs when it comes to the team outfits and shoes. While it is possible to purchase readymade items from the store, one can also obtain custom made clothing designed according to individual wishes.


Purchasing the gear may be the easy part, but maintaining them in their topmost condition can be quite daunting. However, one need not fear as everything from special bat oil to mallets to knock in the bats is available here. The friendly and trained staff well versed in the varying needs of the extensive field of cricket as well as the proper care that is required by these precious items, volunteer readily in assisting whoever walks into the shop to not only make the best purchase that suits their requirements but also to impart knowledge on how to care for the goods and maintain them appropriately.


The shop’s reputation becomes evident as one observes the surrounding walls decorated with autographed posters of various cricketers, both local and international. There is a large white board where world renowned cricketers from across the globe have placed their signatures during their visits to The Cricket Shop. “The board’s almost full now” say the staff while barely enough room to squeeze in another autograph or two remains in between the scrawls.


The Cricket Shop, 5, St Anthony’s Mawatha, Colombo 3

Tel: (+94 11) 257 3843 

Fax: (+94 11) 256 5888