Global Towers: the venue for venues

June 2013| 297 views

A view from Global Towers

A view from Global Towers

A location set even for the most discerning of vacationing hearts travelling to Sri Lanka from all over the world, cuisines to entice any palate, a good rest – be it day, night or both – but most of all a place that assures that you make the most of your extended stay in Colombo, one to remember…

Words Sonali Kadurugamuwa Photographs Indika De Silva

Boasting several two and three bedroom, deluxe and penthouse apartments with ample space, attached pantry, over 50 other rooms, views of the Indian Ocean and surrounding city, individuals, families and even business partners can find the type of accommodation of their preference. A stay for a day, a week, even a month… Global Towers would suit up just the right suite for you, including unencumbered hotel services.

Aside from ten stories with a variety of rooming choices, each floor is outfitted with its own lobby for a comfy wait or relaxing chat. On the ground floor, a quaint restaurant known as the Trainspotter serves up an eclectic menu, while the Cabana area, with its own share of business lunches, family dine-ins and party solutions, keep regular guests well provided for. Alongside, be it a wedding reception, a business conference or a function of sorts, the Lobby Lounge would be your best pick, and it can accomodate over 150 people.


Weekly lunch, theme nights, karaoke music and a host of other events and specials take place at the various venues such as the Trainspotter restaurant, Beach Club Bar and the Yacht Cabana.


After a cooling dip in the Hotel swimming pool, enjoy a good pampering at the spa and then head off for a night of karaoke at the lobby level’s Beach Club Bar, where the night is always young.

If you take a quick elevator trip up to the Hotel’s Rooftop Garden, you could pinpoint places to visit within the span of its catatonic, aerial view, and even scope out some of the amazing cultures and cuisines in a variety of centres and restaurants the city of Colombo has to offer. This is of course if the too-many-to-choose-from entertainment and gastronomic options within Global Towers doesn’t get to you first.

The sun setting in the horizon and the ocean, like a dream, seamlessly carry your thoughts into a restful mindset as you leisurely dress yourself into sheets of white and surrender to the praise of your soft pillows, looking forward to another day, evening, out in the town, a dip in the ocean or maybe even a movie and some shopping. You don’t really have to plan too far ahead into your schedule as everything you want and need is conveniently laid out right in front and all around the vicinity.


11, Station Avenue, Colombo 6

Tel: (+94 11) 259 1000