Tea: The World’s Green Gold

June 2013| 126 views


Tea, as we all know, is the most consumed beverage in the world, next to water. Tea consuming habits have been adapted in many nations in relation to the taste and food habits of their different cultures.

It is amazing as to how each nation has adapted their own sophisticated methods of tea consumption.


Chinese Jasmine Tea

The Chinese were the first to process black and green tea with natural Jasmine oil and blossoms, creating the world famous Jasmine teas.


Japanese Tradition

Powdered Green Tea known as “Maccha” is used to practice the ritual of the very exclusive Japanese Tea Ceremony, which is a treasured tradition protected through generations.


Russian Delight

Russians were the first to import tea on camel trains and Russian homes of the past brewed tea throughout the day in the famous Russian Samowar and consumed with a spoonful of jam to give it a sweet twist which is still practiced as a tradition in all of Russia.


British Taste

Since Victorian times, strong brewed tea has been consumed with milk accompanied by cakes, cookies and other delights. The British further created the ever-so-popular Earl Grey Tea by processing black tea leaves with Oil of Bergamott to create a very unique taste.


Kashmiri Sophistication

Tea with saffron, milk and sugar is a popular Kashmiri beverage.


Ceylon Punch

Fine high grown tea flavoured with fresh crushed Ginger, consumed black with Jaggery (rough natural palm sugar of coconut or kithul), is the most traditional beverage in Sri Lanka (Ceylon), since the early days of tea drinking, in the late 1800’s.