Kinnaree, a new contemporary restaurant from Siam House

July 2013| 251 views

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For over 20 years, Siam House has been serving authentic Thai cuisine to food lovers of Sri Lanka. Now, stepping into the third decade of service, Siam House owners are opening a new type of restaurant, which will serve different types of cuisine. Named Kinnaree, the restaurant will be a lounge style restaurant aimed at urban diners. The restaurant will serve a variety of cuisine with an innovative blend of Thai ingredients. According to Siam House, Kinnaree will serve dishes such as red curry chicken and cheese, sticky rice burger with chicken/pork, burgers and submarines with green curry or red curry fillings and rotti with masaaman curry.

Siam House has flown in a consultant from Thailand specially to plan the menu of Kinnaree. Chermakwarn Bunnag, whose family has worked in the Royal Thai Palace for many years and has expertise in traditional Thai recipes, will also train local chefs during her stay in Sri Lanka. She is also a lecturer in Culinary Art and has more than 30 years of experience in cooking Thai cuisine.