Tea: The World’s Green Gold

July 2013| 116 views

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Khyber Tea

In the Northern parts of Pakistan abutting the Khyber Pass, tea is cooked in camel milk and the infused leaf is consumed with Naan (local hand-made clay oven bread), whilst the brew is consumed as a hot beverage sweetened with sugar.


Arabian Special 

In the Arabian world, strong black tea is sweetened and enjoyed in special glasses known as “Stekan” in Iranian or “Chai Bardak” in Turkey and is often enjoyed with fresh dates. The “Stekan” is a specially shaped small glass (without a handle), complete with a saucer, whilst “Chai Bardak” is a small glass with a handle similar in shape to a small mug.


Moroccan Mint Tea 

Chinese Gun Powder Green tea is brewed with fresh mint leaf and consumed sweetened with sugar as a traditional social drink.

Mexican Special 

Tea brewed with Cinnamon sticks is a popular beverage in Mexico.



A Burmese snack dating far back to the times when Myanmar was a Kingdom. It is prepared with Green Tea that is pickled with ginger, garlic, chilli and oil, and seasoned for a period of six months, traditionally underground, before consumption.