Dim Sum at Tsing Tao

December 2013| 217 views

Xianchunn Meng, Dim Sum Chef from Beijing

Xianchunn Meng, Dim Sum Chef from Beijing

Tsing Tao introduced Dim Sum (Chinese Brunch Snacks) to their menu. Flown in specially to deliver a unique culinary experience with Dim Sum is Xianchun Meng, Dim Sum Chef from Beijing. Chef Meng marvels his customers with 14 Dim Sum dishes served daily during lunch. Dim Sum is hand made with proper authentic Chinese ingredients and are a ‘must try’ according to Chef Meng. There is a variety of steamed and fried Dim Sum including a range for vegetarians.

Master chef Huasheng Mo with over 15 years experience is heading it’s Culinary Team at Tsing Tao. He is a versatile Chef with exceptional skills in Guangdong, Sichuan, Peking and Shanghai cuisine.

“The secret behind my success is that I only use authentic Chinese ingredients. Our motto is ‘Eat Fresh’, hence all seafood, meat, vegetables and fruits are sourced daily for freshness and quality. I am looking forward to make Tsing Tao an award winning restaurant on all aspects” Chef Huasheng Mo said.