Revel in Regal Flavour… at Maharaja Palace

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Snuggled in the suburbs of Colombo 7, The Maharaja Palace stands splendid, exuding a majestic ambience. However, though the exterior and the food may indeed be fit for a Maharaja (king), looks can be deceiving as the place is filled with much warmth and a welcoming atmosphere embracing all who steps inside its cocoon, imparting the best in Mogul or pure North Indian culinary!!

Words Krishani Peiris Photographs Indika De Silva

As night falls the white structure of Maharaja Palace is bathed in the glow of a myriad of lights, creating an enchanting ambience, beckoning all to step through its threshold to experience a gastronomical journey that is one a kind. Positioned in the heart of Colombo in a spacious stretch with ample parking to accommodate nearly 40 vehicles, patrons can rest assured of an enjoyable meal without much hassle.

The arresting architecture and the design of Maharaja Palace itself presents a small adventure that needs to be indulged in. Starting from the entrance, where a red carpet entices a snug welcome, to the coloured window panes and the first glimpse of the passageway leading inside the restaurant, paves the way for a stunning first impression. Inside is set a glow with a soft golden lustre and is decked in paintings and furnishings all paying tribute to the bygone days of Mogul royalty. The ground floor of the restaurant can accommodate nearly 80 guests while a small bar area housed in a comfy corner all set with a small waterway with carps and giant arowanas, makes way for a relaxing evening.

A staircase leading to the upper floor bring guests to the private dining area, where five rooms are arrayed according to specific colour themes—gold, burgundy, orange, green and blue. Four of the five rooms can seat eight guests while the remaining can accommodate nearly 22, making the rooms ideal for corporate settings as well as for private functions. As such, Maharaja Palace is gaining steady popularity as being a place where one can celebrate a special occasion, host a private party or even entertain a corporate function, be it during lunch or dinner. The upper floor also houses small lounge areas, decked with plush chairs for guests to unwind in as well.


While authentic Mogul cuisine is the essence of Maharaja Palace some oddities, infused with the North Indian culinary flair, such as Faluda, Kulfi and Lassi remain favourites among patrons.


Once one sinks into the comforting grasp of the restaurant, an extensive menu encompassing vegetarian and non-vegetarian—chicken, fish and mutton—hurls each into an odyssey of mouthwatering splendour. With more than 200 different dishes spread throughout the menu as starters, mains, curries, kebabs, grilled items, biriyani, rotis, nans, desserts and beverages to choose from the list of culinary delights at Maharaja Palace seems endless requiring several visits to taste all. Of the signature dishes, kebabs with Maharaja Mushroom—mushroom stuffed with cheese, marinated mildly in a spiced yoghurt mix before being skewered and char-grilled—and Mutton Galawti Kebab—a mouth melting concoction of mutton, flavoured with aromatic spices—take precedence. While authentic Mogul cuisine is the essence of Maharaja Palace some oddities, infused with the North Indian culinary flair, such as Faluda, Kulfi and Lassi remain favourites among patrons as well.

The distinctive culinary taste at Maharaja Palace is derived from the spices, brought in from Lucknow, India coupled with the vast experience of the team of chefs led by Chef Abu Bakar. Furthermore, for those who wish to enjoy an excellent meal in the comfort of their own homes, takeaway as well as deliveries are arranged showcasing the attentiveness professed by Maharaja Palace to the changing lifestyles of customers. Catering as well as gift vouchers to make that extra special occasion even more magical are some of the  other exciting options that Maharaja Palace has put forth to better reach their treasured clientele, in the hopes of providing the best in North Indian cuisines.

Though the finesse projected in the elegant structure of Maharaja Palace is awe inspiring, it is a place, be it formal or informal, where anyone can step into enjoy a meal to their hearts content—a meal that is fit for a king!!


1A, Rajakeeya Mawatha,
Colombo 7

Tel: (+94 11) 488 6000

Fax: (+94 11) 267 7867