Faithful Hospitality through Time Hotel Janaki

June 2014| 335 views

The front view of Hotel Janaki

The front view of Hotel Janaki

Looking back through a history that dates back to 1976, Hotel Janaki has been a veteran in the hospitality industry. At a glance the hotel conveys a sense of familiarity mingled with modernisation.  

Words Himansa Herath Photographs Menaka Aravinda

Embracing change and developing with the times, Hotel Janaki has created lasting impressions among a broad clientele around Sri Lanka. Driving along Fife Road in Colombo 5 the large, four storeyed façade of the hotel captures one’s attention. The entrance of the hotel leads to the hallway where one finds a friendly reception and a warm welcome.

The ground floor of the hotel encompasses an open area—the beer garden where guests can relax while having a sip of a cool beverage. The surrounding greenery of the garden and cool breeze that fan across, highlight the connection with nature. Looking up, the corridors and the staircase escalate to the top. The outdoor swimming pool is constructed in a distinctly secluded and serene area with the intention of giving the guests a unique space to unwind, undisturbed. 

Hotel Janaki has long retained its popularity as a venue for memorable wedding receptions. The hotel boasts of four spacious wedding halls that offer all conveniences for the smooth running of a special day. The halls offer versatility in accommodating a varied number of guests and are offered with an all inclusive service. The hotel can also host corporate events and seminars in separate corporate halls and depending on the number of guests the reception halls too can be arranged as desired. 

The hotel accommodates 45 spacious rooms complete with all comforts. A unique feature of Hotel Janaki is the availability of three apartments with three bedrooms each within the hotel premises. Guests who wish to indulge in a more relaxed and homely experience have the opportunity to prepare their own meals and snacks with the equipment provided by the hotel, therein offering a one of a kind stay.

The lobbies and the Go-sip Coffee Shop of the hotel have recently been refurbished to provide more space and better service to the many guests who visit the hotel. Colourful interiors in contrast impart a lively ambience as well. 

Incidentally the hotel has commenced an express laundry service that is open to non-resident guests and thus its services are not limited to in-house guests. 

To deliver a service that meets the needs of guests the hotel draws strength from a dedicated staff comprising of 50 members. At present Hotel Janaki is embracing some novel changes and unique design concepts as it undergoes its refurbishment process to add more glamour and luxury. 

“We are a moderate hotel that offers five star luxuries at moderate and convenient rates. That is what makes us different from others. As the hotel develops, we continue to cater to all those who walk in,” comments S C Wimalasundera, Managing Director—Hotel Janaki. 

Established comfortably in the everchanging face of hospitality Hotel Janaki offers leisure and relaxation to indulge in with the convenience of accessibility to all. 

43, Fife Road,

Havelock Town,

Colombo 5.

Tel: (+94 11) 250 2169