The Koala Touch

June 2014| 1,122 views

In-house made sofa set, matching coffee table and glass cabinet on the side

In-house made sofa set, matching coffee table and glass cabinet on the side

For the most part Koala is a true provider for the contemporary tastes of an urban lifestyle. One thing however that indeed stands out is the way the entirety of its unique design concept of home finds its way straight into your heart. 

Words Sonali Kadurugamuwa  Photographs Damith Wickramasinghe

Driven by the demand for creativity and opulence of the new age in home and office décor, Koala brands represent sophistication yet affordability throughout all of its available and bespoke designs.

“The Centre is not only prominently a design studio, but also a store showcasing world acclaimed brands for table top solutions,” says Tracy Dharmadhasa, Director, Koala Home Centre.  Boasting an immense range of  fabric, leather, wood, stainless steel and glass made products such as sofa sets, divans, tables, pantries, beds, cupboards, vanity bowls, lamps, bath ware, outdoor furniture and countless other products and materials, Koala is renowned for taking on major hotel, home, office and school interior décor projects under its wing. 

KIS or the Koala Interior Solutions brand is also a creative design studio within the Koala home centre. To catering to serve some of the most distinct interiors are displays made in-house and imported décor accessories such as light fittings, curtains and frames as well as office furnishings. 

Vibrant, picturesque, sleek are the kitchen and cutlery ware designs by the American trademark ONEIDA as well, housed at the centre. Set within bright hues of pearl whites for pantries, counter tops cupboards and the works, including the magnetic brilliance of stainless steel for cutlery, this studio sparks any basic idea of choice into a story of complete and utter satisfaction.  

At Koala,  expect the unexpected like their willingness to diversify according to individual concepts and styles, their very own labels, from the limitless roles of fabric counters to the simplest accessories that you never thought you would need and pieces that are defined by the change in trend, which nevertheless fits purpose and practicality. 

The Koala home centre, a bright innovative addition to the Nawaloka Holdings Group, stands distinct of its collection of home and office ware products and services. Backed by its flagship furniture store and manufacturing plant in Peliyagoda, Koala in Colombo binds high-end trends in contemporary home décor to incomparable custom designs, with in house expertise, for that extra touch of class and quality. Koala is definitely a must-stop to embellish your home.  

64 Green Path, Colombo 3

Tel: (94 11) 237 2596