Burger King Adds Three New Dishes To Their Menu

August 2014| 419 views

Spicy Chicken Burger

Spicy Chicken Burger

Burger King introduced three new dishes and several beverages to its menu to be served across its three Sri Lankan branches. The franchise added a notable local flavour to its menu with the introduction of King Rice and the Spicy Chicken Burger, with the addition of traditional English Fish ‘N’ Chips.

King Rice is a dish that has been refined to suit the Sri Lankan palette. It combines fluffy rice infused with a wide variety of fresh herbs and spices paired with a boneless spicy crispy chicken fillet. It is accompanied by a curry made with natural spices and pure coconut milk along with a crunchy onion salad and is priced at 280 rupees. 

The Spicy Chicken Burger is the combination of a boneless chicken fillet cushioned in a soft bun with the dressing. The crispy and spicy chicken fillet is complimented by fresh lettuce and a dollop of mayonnaise—all packed into a toasted sesame bun. The burger is available at an affordable price of 390 rupees.

Burger King now serves up a tried and tested recipe for the traditional English Fish ‘N’ Chips dish. The crispy battered fish fillet comes with the signature Burger King thick-cut fries and a tangy tartar sauce. It is priced at 400 rupees.