Galle Face Hotel To Become Preferred Leisure And Business Travel Destination Post-Restoration

August 2014| 273 views

The Cafe

The Cafe

The Galle Face Hotel held a press conference to inform the progress of the extensive restoration project that commenced mid last year and to share views on the latest additions and offerings post—restoration. 

The North Wing of the hotel, originally built in 1864 is progressing solidly and have been designed to preserve the grandeur and romance of the property while upgrading and modernising the quality of guest facilities, amenities and services. The South Wing has continued to be in operation throughout the restoration.

Commenting on the project, Tony Fleming, General Manager – Galle Face Hotel Group noted, “the hotel has currently undertaken an ambitious restoration project restoring the hotel’s rooms, restaurants and the ballrooms to their former glory with subtle modernisation to enhance the quality of the Galle Face Hotel experience. The hotel is intrinsically linked to the history and heritage of Sri Lanka, and the project is guided by uncompromising commitment to preserve the unique ambience for guests to enjoy. I am very pleased to announce that the first stage in the long awaited restoration of the Galle Face Hotel is the Meetings and Conference Centre was opened to the public.”

Amidst restoration of the building a new meetings and conference centre is now open for business. Situated on the first floor of Galle Face Hotel, the new centre comprises of seven conference rooms, a library and two study rooms.