Odel celebrates 25 years of fashion retail

October 2014| 305 views

Otara Gunewardene

Otara Gunewardene

Odel celebrated its 25th year of growing success in its journey of vision, creativity and entrepreneurship. The business, which began with the sale of export surplus clothing from the founder Otara Gunewardene’s station wagon when she was in her early twenties, is now a chain of 20 fashion forward stores with annual sales in excess of 4.6 billion rupees.

Since the opening of the first store in 1989, Odel has launched and taken the online fashion retail of Sri Lanka to new heights with its website, built several popular in-store bands such as ‘Backstage’ for accessories, ‘Delight’ for confectionary and the cause-linked brand and community animal welfare programme ‘Embark’ and the chain of ‘Luv SL’, which brought in overseas equity for major expansion.

Celebrating its 25 years of style and the people who have propelled the journey so far, Odel will be launching a number of special promotions and events for its customers, as well as employees,
in the months to come.