Vogue Jewellers launches Sisu Nena Ran Pradana

December 2014| 103 views

Vogue Jewellers launched Sisu Nena Ran Pradana, an annual felicitation programme held to celebrate the academic excellence of students—the country’s new generation. This was held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education.

The programme is designed to reward the top-performing A’Level students in the streams of Science, Maths, Commerce and Arts where each student would be awarded an exclusive 22-karat Gold medal and a gift voucher from Vogue, which could be redeemed at a later stage in the students’ life when he/she wishes to purchase jewellery for his/her wedding. Further, in recognition of producing such excellence, the respective schools will be awarded a cash donation of 100,000 rupees together with plaques as well as certificates for the students.