Absolute Ayurveda: the new face of traditional care

August 2015| 755 views

The reception at  Absolute Ayurveda

The reception at Absolute Ayurveda

Spa Ceylon, well known for its pampering and rejuvenating therapies, takes its Ayurveda based treatments to a whole new level. Through its latest venture Absolute Ayurveda, customers can avail of sound Ayurveda medical treatments for a host of ailments to elevate their quality of life.

Words Prasadini Nanayakkara | Photographs BT Images

Broadening its wellness portfolio, Spa Ceylon introduces its latest brand, Absolute Ayurveda, where qualified Ayurveda consultants and doctors offer classical treatments in a clinical and modern setting. The new concept at the clinic elevates the overall impression and experience that customers expect of Ayurveda centres. “Wellness tourism is one of the fastest growing forms of tourism in the world with a large number of tourists looking for Ayurveda,” says Shalin Balasuriya, Director, Spa Ceylon Ayurveda adding that, “we wanted to create an environment where customers can feel comfortable and confident with the quality of treatment provided.”

Accordingly the clinic transforms the presentation of treatments and medications in contrast to conventional Ayurveda centres. Much like the approach in western medicine, Absolute Ayurveda offers a consultation system where customers can first make an appointment to consult a doctor who will conduct an initial investigation. Thereafter, they are referred to a consultant who takes a holistic and humanistic approach to treatment. “In contrast to the bureaucratic setup of an impersonal hospital setting, we want to build a rapport with patients so that they can feel at ease to communicate their issues,” states Dr Danister Perera, Chief of Medical Staff.

Dr Perera, a well-published Ayurveda doctor of repute has led many steering committees in the government and heads a team of qualified senior and junior doctors at the Clinic. The Ayurveda medical team of graduates from universities Colombo and Kelaniya includes senior doctors armed with postgraduate qualifications and clinical experience. Moreover, the doctors are well-versed in modern technologies and diagnostic tools as well. An advantage that customers will find at Absolute Ayurveda is the customised nature of treatment solutions. An in house pharmacy engages a streamlined and computerised system to prepare all prescribed medications. This relieves customers from the task of finding ingredients or making the preparations on their own, as is the conventional practice. Customers can also receive treatment at the clinic where a range of modernised equipment is in place. The advanced instruments ensure that the treatment and therapies administered are more precise, effective and safe. For instance a temperature monitor for the hot oil bath maintains optimum levels throughout treatment. Similarly modern counterparts of the Shirodhara pot, steam cabin and Sarvangadhara can be found at the various treatment rooms.

Patients can find relief from common ailments such as diabetes, arthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, muscular pains, gastritis, respiratory diseases and more. Illnesses such as cancer and Parkinson’s are also addressed at the clinic in terms of elevating quality of life. “We find an increasing senior population with more than one chronic condition in one individual. Ayurveda therapies focus on system-by-system health and boosts the immune system. This will help maintain the quality of life,” explains Dr Perera. And customers can find solace from age-old practices within a modern setting that promises better health and well-being for all those who seek it.

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