September, 2015

A Tuk Tuk Adventure


How does one define ‘adventure’? According to my Random House Dictionary of the English Language “Adventure is an undertaking......
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Currying Flavours


The secret of a great Sri Lankan curry is in the mix of herbs and spices....
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Panduwas Nuwara: Where A King Became The Lord Of the Universe


“A most interesting location is a circular earthwork, a rampart, sited in a shady grove of trees. Within this rampart are the ruins of a building. ...
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The Gentle Tusker


It was another long weekend and we were in Okanda having explored the surrounding areas. As we were returning back on the sandy terrain of the Kumana-Okanda-Panama......
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Devil’s Dam On The River Ma


It’s an idle enough place for the devil to build his dam; but no man or giant or yaka or demon could construct a barrier formidable enough to withstand the......
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Discover Cinnamon Gardens

Racecourse, 1913

A town house with large turrets, towers, conical roofs and balconies stood tranquil as traffic moved briskly past its gates. The building, not dissuaded by the volley of explosive traffic, maintained its dignified stateliness as a testimony to affluence and...
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The Fat Crab: A Foodie’s Haven

Large movie posters adorning the wall add a retro feel

The ocean breeze mingled with the tantalizing aromas that wafted through, creating a blissful blend that made our mouths water....
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Raja Bojun: Feast Like A King

Customers serving at the buffet under the thatched roof

Known for its traditional Sri Lankan cuisine, Raja Bojun offers a unique dining experience, infused with the history of its origin. ...
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Repertoire: A pictorial gateway to Sri Lanka’s nature

A Chameleon (Chamaeleo zeylanicus) -its long  tongue rocketing its way out to prey on a dragonfly

“Many of the gestures frozen here were not merely captured while passing by or accidently, but were results of days of prior preparation” - Repertoire...
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Rumours Hits The Red Carpet

Canice Rajamahendran and Conall Beekmeyer with the performers

After a long spell Rumours hosted a great party with an edgy line-up of performances and styles. It was a spectacular show full of surprises....
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