Anouki: Chic And Stylish

October 2015| 1,599 views

Sleek and smart, Anouki is the place  for fashionistas

Sleek and smart, Anouki is the place for fashionistas

Located at a quiet spot down Rosmead Place, Anouki, Colombo’s favourite boutique is the one stop fashion outlet that has won the hearts of fashionistas. Whether you are shopping for the perfect dress for a night out, or looking for the perfect gift for a loved one, Anouki is the place to go.

Words Nadhwa Mohamed

The store, named after Anouki Cooke (owner and designer), has come a long way since its inception and is now known to feature unique and top quality designer wear. Fuelled by Anouki’s love for fashion, the boutique, now well into its second year is a result of the family’s vision to create a line of modern and trendy clothing for young women.

The brand carries an extensive selection of ladies’ clothes that are designed by Anouki herself and produced in Sri Lanka under strict supervision by a team of skilled dressmakers.With more than 12 years of experience in the fashion industry, paired with her flair for style and attention to detail, Anouki creates her works of art to reflect sophistication and glamour. Her designs are brought to life with a variety of carefully handpicked textiles and fabrics which are then tailored flawlessly befitting Colombo’s most chic and stylish clientele.

Further, this unique boutique will only have eight of each design and does not repeat the same style. After ensuring that all products are made to perfection, close to 700 new items are presented each month all of which come in four sizes and are offered at impeccable prices.

The aesthetic concept of the boutique itself is alluring. The store, spanning over two floors adopts pleasing tones and elegant decor, complementing the contrasting patterns and colours of the garments. Topping off the list of perks is their remarkable personalised service. While shopping at Anouki, you can expect warm smiles along with tips and suggestions for your requirement. Perhaps one reason that makes this store stand out is its focus on providing the highest quality items and guaranteeing customer satisfaction.

AnoukI will only have eight of each design and does not repeat the same style

What’s quite interesting, is that despite the popularity and demand for their designer wear, Anouki does not wish to mass produce any of the designs, simply so that their customers can avail themselves to unique attire. Instead, this outlet offers a chance to explore exclusive and distinctive styles—providing an ultimate shopping experience.

Browsing through the Anouki collection is sure to be a treat for the eager shopper! The store’s loyal customers can easily find everything they require, from everyday wear such as tops, shorts and skirts to varieties of leggings, pants, dresses and jumpsuits. You will also find office wear and lingerie to choose from, as well as T-shirts and nightwear.

Anouki Cooke

Anouki Cooke

At Anouki, you can find the perfect accessory to suit your style and complete any look. Elegant wall mounts throughout the store display various collections of necklaces, earrings, rings, head and body chains, watches and bangles amongst other jewellery.An exciting range of temporary tattoos and flash tattoos are displayed as well, so be sure not to miss out!

The ideal retail therapy outlet for young women, Anouki is making its mark as a trendsetter. You can be assured that Anouki’s designer wear will express your distinctive style.

27/16 Rosmead Place

Colombo 7

(+94) 072 412 0586