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June 2016| 186 views

Tatami rooms are popular amongst families

Tatami rooms are popular amongst families

The cuisine of the Land of the Rising Sun has always found a place for itself in the pearl of The Indian Ocean. Over the recent past, the popularity of Japanese cuisine has risen, with scores enjoying the flavour of the orient. Yet only one place has built its reputation on Japanese food delivery.

Words Tharika Fuhrer  |  Photographs Isuru Upeksha

Nawala eatery Naniyori has over the past five years steadily become synonymous with delivering top quality Japanese food for very reasonable prices. They’ve made it their goal to remove the exclusivity factor of Japanese cuisine by making it as accessible as fast food, and they’ve certainly achieved their aim.

Since last November however, Naniyori (which translates, aptly, as ‘the best’) has expanded its business to cater to customers who would rather take the more formalapproach of sitting down at a restaurant to eat. Designed to hold around 100 people, the new restaurant has a very swanky dining area featuring bamboo ceilings, red accenting, huge paintings of geishas on the walls and dark mahogany furniture, which all comes together to create the ambience of an artfully decorated modern Japanese interior.

Despite the contemporary touches, the food at Naniyori has been kept as traditional and authentic as possible, with many ingredients imported from overseas. Deep fried dishes such as tempura and karaage (in which ingredients are marinated before frying) have been notable hits but it is sushi that has always been the best seller. They have all the usual favourites plus some original creations such as their salmon sushi wrapped in soy instead of seaweed. The restaurant has also made quite a name for itself with its beautifully prepared bento. Extremely popular in Japan, these multi-ingredient meal-in-a-box dishes are cooked to perfection at Naniyori and bursting with flavour.

The restaurant also offers customers the choice of eating in one of three styles. Along with the seating area consisting of chairs and tables, there is also the traditional tatami seating area, where you sit on cozy woven mats – a hit with families and children in particular. And for those who prefer pub-style dining there’s the option of sitting at Naniyori’s elegant white sushi bar, where oriental-style decorations hang gracefully.

Naniyori also specialises in delivery to offices and is very happy catering for board meetings or any other kind of gathering. They prepare food for events for as few as 15 people, presenting the dishes in traditional styled crafted black lacquer boxes which leave a lasting impression. In this, as in every aspect of the business, Naniyori is always fully focused on customer experience.

Their dedication will leave you with a full belly and a smile on your face.

14 Narahenpita,
Tel: (+9477) 730 0306