Enjoying the waves of Alankuda

July 2019| 235 views

Alankuda beach is bordered by the endless ocean and a vast stretch of towering conifer trees.

Alankuda, a stretch of beach in the Kalpitiya peninsula, is perfect for a relaxed holiday in the north western coast.

Words Gayathri Kothalawala.

Photographs Menaka Aravinda.

Bordered by the sea and the lagoon, Kalpitiya is a beach lover’s paradise, and the north west coast offers a different experience to the more popular beaches in the south coast. While in Kalpitiya, a visit to the Alankuda beach gave us the opportunity to witness the uniqueness of the area.

Towering conifer trees formed a natural wall between the road and the beach. The stretch of the trees extended along Alankuda as far as the eye could see. Through the gaps in between the trees, we glimpsed the Indian Ocean, shimmering under the sun. The sky was dotted with fluffy clouds and there were several wind turbines, their powerful blades rotating due to the wind, reminding us that Kalpitiya is also known for harvesting wind energy. We had seen these from a distance, standing like tiny toy towers. However, their height now made them appear as silent giants.

The sound of the waves steadily grew louder as we walked through the soft sand. In front of us, the Indian Ocean stretched to the horizon.

Our feet sinking into the golden sandy beach, we rushed to dip our feet in the water, refreshingly cool amidst the high temperatures of the area. Like little children, we frolicked in the sea, sometimes rushing away to avoid getting wet. 

Eventually, our game of tag with the waves was over, and we decided to walk along the beach. We marveled at the different colors of the water – from pale blue, to blue green to turquoise – and enjoyed the calm breeze. While it was approaching noon, we had missed the opportunity to go on a boat ride to watch dolphins and whales; the best time for the activity is in the morning.

As we strolled along the beach, a group of fishermen were busily working on their nets, after a day’s catch. Upon speaking to them, we gathered that Alankuda and its surroundings were popular for fishing.

Attempting to count the number of wind turbines we could see, we walked in the direction of the power plant and was curious to see that a section of it was actually extended to the ocean.

So far, we had the beach to ourselves. However, soon we heard the excited laughter of a group of young boys, enjoying a vacation in the beach. While playing in the ocean, they waved and posed for our cameras. Waving at them in return, we continued on, being on the lookout for sea shells. Instead, we came across a small crab, its shell appearing white and yellow, who patiently stood still while we took photographs.

Alankuda is a hidden beauty with a life of its own. The serene and beautiful beach, is an ideal way to enjoy the tropical peace of the island, away from the crowds. As the waves swept back and forth, we strolled back leisurely, passing the dense forest of conifer trees that reminded us of the hill country and reminisced on the wonderful memories that the beach had to offer us.