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Preparing a meal was a labour of love for the cook of yesteryear Words Daleena Samara Photographs Rasika Surasena Rosalind would not have liked my little electric grinder that comes in handy for a quick pol sambal, a spicy coconut...
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Through grounds of reverence

Through grounds

Overhead the skies darkened ominously, foretelling impending rain. Even as people scurried about, some to escape the rain, others to find a better vantage point to either participate or to observe the unfolding activities, a slow drizzle engulfed the periphery....
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A Cruise to Sunny Negombo


To Negombo. A smooth ride, soothing sights sailing by. A palatable while by the sea and back… All in an afternoon. No sweat....
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An Afternoon in Jaffna Town


We had just finished lunch and had the rest of the day ahead of us. As the sun spread its afternoon rays we scrambled out of the vehicle to stretch our legs and explore the curious town of Jaffna....
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A Journey Through Anamaduwa…


On and on we went as the road twisted away to the far distance with pockets of greenery and small towns lining the sides. Gradually we edged on to Anamaduwa in Puttalam to see what lay within to fascinate the...
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Saparagamu Maha Saman Devalaya: Revered Through Time


The echoing sound of the tolling bell grasped us, urging us to hasten our steps. Quickening our pace, we weaved in and out of the crowd to reach the shrine room......
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A Visit to Kayts


The largest islet off mainland Jaffna–Kayts intrigued me... We drove across the road that bridged the oceanic gap and we were soon upon the picturesque setting of Kayts....
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Hot ‘n’ SPICY

An assortment of spices ground at the mill

The pungency and aroma were simply senses-rousing.That helped belie the not-so flashy surroundings of a very typical Sri Lankan spice shop, well-known in everyday......
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Currying Flavour with KAJU: Never is the delicious cashew nut more Sri Lankan than when curried!

Kiri kaju or milky caju curry is a delicious mild and mellow curry

Cooking is alchemy of the hearth. Magic happens in the kitchen when raw ingredients pass through the hands of a cook with a passion for the culinary arts. ...
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GANGARAMAYA, more than a Temple


A temple is a Buddhist place of worship, a place where we find solace from the world and seek spiritual fulfilment....
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